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Volkswagen Rock and Roll Beds

‘Rock and Roll Bed’ relates to a style of bed used in VW camper vans and conversions plus a few other makes of van. The bed converts to a seat and back again easily using a rock and roll method.


The beds are available in a variety of forms from both full width and ¾ width from a host of suppliers and it is important you choose the right one to suit you. The most important point to consider at the start of your search is whether you want to carry passengers in the back. You will find there are two kinds, those that are TUV tested and those that are not. The TUV tested route leaves you with a couple of options, Rib Rock and Roll Beds or the Variotech, Rock and Roll Beds, these both look great and can be made to order with colours etc. and obviously due to the TUV aspect you can expect to pay the higher end of the market. You are paying for safety and peace of mind.


The other alternative is the non-crash tested rock and roll bed, a good version of this will start from around the £900 - £1000 mark, they do come supplied with seatbelts or lap belts depending on the supplier but they are far more built to chill out on when camping, sit and have a bit of dinner on if you have a table fitted etc. It is not advised to carry passengers in the back although the beds are not an MOT failure for not being the tested variety. The beauty of these beds lies in the wide range of colours and styles available to suit your wildest design ideas.


Fitting can be done by anyone but it’s advisable to get the supplier to fit as they have experience in this.


Go Online and research suppliers and get customer comments there are plenty available on the internet through forums and take your time over the decision.







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